Kate.Sedgwick (katesedgwick) wrote,

Obsesionada con Reflejos en Cemeterio Recoleta

An absolutely beautiful day, I wasn't shy here like I was in Chacaritas. This cemetery is teeming with tourists.

Lens Generated Halo

The living city surrounding the cemetery juxtaposed here.

Dexterous Saint Head


Christ in the Wild Interior of a Tomb

Welcome to My Tomb

Classical View

Cobwebs, Skull and Crossbones

Another view of the Strange Halo

Double Jesus

Cuadruple Jesus

Sweet Cemetery Kitties

Bust Triple Header

Half Heart Hole

Tiny Angel

Jesus Behind Bars

Skeleton Key

Black Cat

Tomb of Sarmiento

Skull and Crossbones
Tags: black cat, buenos aires, cats, cementerio recoleta, cemetery, cemetery recoleta, cobwebs, recoleta, reflections, skull, skull and crossbones, tombs
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