Kate.Sedgwick (katesedgwick) wrote,

Views from the Rooftop - Boca

Lavender Morning

Though living in this big apartment renting rooms can be a pain in the ass, there are times when I emerge from my room to feel as if I'm walking into a dream. Sometimes the views stop me breathing for a moment and then I run for my camera, hoping my disorganized mind hasn't left it without battery and that I'll have the opportunity to capture what I see.

Foggy Sky with Pipes

A surprising fog one morning erased the city in the distance. View over Barracas.

Foggy Sky White Distance

This is the view over Boca.

Foggy Sky with Bird

This bird held still for a while. The fog seemed to muffle the sounds of the city.

Cotton Candy Sky with Roof

Pressure on my bladder had me sourly getting out of bed, but seeing this made it totally worth it.

Cotton Candy Sky to Distance

More of the same morning.

Black Bubble

Once in a while, it looks like there's a bubble over the city and the clouds are prevented from entering by it, leaving the city in black and the sky a whitish grey.

Night Vision Neighboring Buildings

Home from a night out with friends, I was impressed by the clouds.

Night Vision with Doll Heads

Psycho decoration for jagged re-bar.

Shine Out Dramatic Sky

The sun was shouting out of the sky.

Shine Out Dancing Rainbow Guitar Pick

What is this rainbow pointing to?

Moon Slice with Antennae

Antennae with the Moon
Tags: barracas, boca, buenos aires, fog, home sky, sun, sunrises, sunsets, views, views from my roof

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