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Glad Not to be Living in Once/Abasto

One afternoon editing in my room as I often did, I heard a ruckus, looked out over the balcony, and this is what I saw.

First of all what the hell happened to this cop's head? Was he attacked by his friends when he was passed out drunk? Was it a medical condition? Why didn't he just shave the rest of his head? All of this will remain a mystery.

The man on the ground was drunk and had set up shop on the stoop of the hair salon across the street, closed for Sunday. See how he removed his shoes to get more comfortable?

After this shot was taken, the cops just moved along, the man continued to sleep it off on the curb, and his shoes were stolen.

I'm so glad not to be living in Once where I saw two robbery/assaults from the balcony and regularly saw scenes like that pictured here.
Tags: abasto, buenos aires, cops, drunkard, expat, once, pi, public intoxication, stolen shoes
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